Julie Long & Celeste Morgan are Cincinnati based sidekicks for hire to Commercial Photographers; with over ten years of combined experience in the industry. 

They cook ridiculously good food on the weeknights and can make a killer gin and tonic on the weekends. 

Julie loves music but hates musicals. Jazz plays on the turntable at her house these days as her husband currently schools her on old stuff. There are kayaks, mountain bikes, skateboards, lots of baseball, fishing poles, and the overuse of bad cologne in her space. This is because she also raises 3 teenage boys. Pray for her. 

Celeste rocks the casbah and all things piano. With a degree in Early Childhood Education she teaches piano lessons part time. She loves traveling and spending time outdoors.  When she is not cooking diverse, healthy meals for her husband and two children, you will find her making something beautiful. She likes decorating, sewing, and crafting while drinking either coffee or wine.